DSCN7499aDr. Cory M Bingham is a Chiropractor and Nutritionist. He graduated Cum Laud from New York Chiropractic College. While there he also earned a Masters degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition, with a focus on whole food medicine. Dr. Cory looks to the whole body for health. Not only does he look at the joint complex but the surrounding muscles as well. He believes it is necessary to address both muscles and joints for long lasting results and healing.

He offers a wide variety of treatments to reduce and eliminate neck pain, headaches, low back pain, knee and other extremities and other joint dysfunction. He is a certified Graston practitioner. Graston is a soft tissue technique that helps eliminate scar tissue, trigger points and other muscle dysfunction and helps improve range of motion. Graston works well to help eliminate many problems from tendonitis to plantar fasciitis. Michael Phelps credits his quick recovery from his workouts to Graston therapy. It is used by many universities and professional sports teams including, the Utah Jazz.

One of Dr. Cory’s passions is to help kids grow to their highest potential. According to Grey’s Anatomy text, our body is controlled by our nervous system. In fact the medical profession calls it the “Master Control System”. As kids grow they are passing through developmental growth windows. If there is interference to the nervous system, the body is dealing with these stressors and optimal expression may not be achieved. How do we know this? Dr. Cory uses state of the art technology that is the only of its kind certified by The Space Foundation to detect this nerve interference in a gentle non invasive way. He has also received advanced training in the care of infants and children to help remove this interference and allow them to grow healthy.

Dr. Cory also offers nutritional and health consultations.  As you know, health is more than just a number on a scale compared to gravity. He uses a bioelectrical impedance scale that can help you look at the total body composition. Things like your percent body fat, lean muscle mass, hydration level, visceral fat rating and metabolic age.

Other services provided by his office include whole food cleanse programs, weight loss, stress and adrenal testing, heavy metal testing, food sensitivity and complete nutrition testing through bloodwork .

Dr. Cory lives in Bountiful with his wife and two energetic boys.

Give our office a call or stop in to our office to see if he can help you with your aches and pains or nutritional questions. He is interested in helping you achieve your personal success.