Your Road to Vitality

Achieving Your Family’s Health Goals 

Your Road to Vitality

Achieving Your Family’s Health Goals 

Healthy By Action! Not by Accident! 


Your and your family’s health is very important. Health is not defined as just not being in pain. It is defined as having optimal function of all your systems.

Dr. Cory has joined the team of doctors at NowChiro to serve the community and help them attain better health. He will be rotating between two locations, one in Layton and the other in Roy. Click here for his schedule and addresses

Dr. Cory Bingham looks at the whole body, aiming to reduce stresses that can cause interference with your ability to have whole health; physical stress through injury or exercise, chemical stress through our environment and foods we eat, mental and emotional stress of everyday life. How are you functioning today?  …more here about Dr. Cory…


Chiropractic for all Ages

Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial to kids as they are growing. Through growth and development our bodies are designed to be healthy. Safe and gentle adjustments free the nervous system from interference. Keeping their spines growing straight and their nervous system functioning to the best of its ability. Through adulthood caring for our spine and nervous system is essential in maintaining optimal health.

Prenatal and Postnatal care

Support for your body as it makes changes to grow a wonderful baby. Joints, muscles and ligaments are adapting to the growing baby and may need help in keeping optimal alignment. 

Dr. Cory is also trained in Webster Technique which is used to help the pelvis and sacrum be in the best position and mobility for baby to grow and prepare for delivery. By aligning the pelvis it allows the uterus to have its full capacity and often times when this is the case babies will turn to prepare for labor to the best position they can. 


Reach Your Full Innate Potential


Reach Your Full Innate Potential

Dr.  Cory’s  Blog

Dr.  Cory’s  Blog


My child was diagnosed with failure to thrive. He would have crying fits at least once a day where he would pass out in the middle. He was 2 ½ and had no energy, no smile and would not eat anything but fruit. We visited with Dr. Cory and he was great with Liam, checking his spine while he was playing, and making him feel safe. After his first adjustment that night Liam ate a whole hamburger and a milk shake and asked for more food. He also had a crying episode but this time he did not pass out! Liam loves to get checked and adjusted by Dr. Cory. Our lives are so much better.

Angie L.

I was getting migraines about three times a week on average for years. I would miss work and family activities because of them. Since I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Cory I average one or two a month at most and even have gone a couple months without them. I am very grateful for the care I have received at I Am Wellness and plan on keeping this routine going.

Bethany D.

My shoulder started hurting about a year ago, not sure why. I had received a cortisone shot but that only lasted about 4 months and the pain came back. The doctor didn’t know why it had started in the first place so all he had was the same suggestion of another shot. I came to see Dr. Cory and he checked out my shoulder and spine. He confirmed my suspicion that it was out of whack!  He used a Graston tool on the shoulder muscles to break up the scar tissue and I got the use of my arm back. I was amazed at how much it improved over just a few visits. Now I can play racquetball again without pain.

Doug S.


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